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The World of Bats

Welcome to the wonderful world of bats. Bats have been around for millions of years, and are the only true flying mammal.

Bats can be found all over the world, with the exception of areas with extreme climates, for example Antarctica. We are a UK based site, however, and so the information contained herein is largely relevant to the 17 different species of bats that can be found in the UK. Here in the UK, bats are insectivores, surviving on a diet of midges, moths and mosquitoes, wheras in Central and South America, home of the infamous vampire bat, the diet can be a little more diverse. It is this diet of insects, and the shortage of this source of food that forces bats to hibernate through the winter.

Throughout this site, we intend to provide information on the types of bat found in the UK, bat detectors and other methods used for identifying, monitoring and recording the different species, and of course the law relating to the conservation of this fantastic mammal.

The UK is home to seventeen species of bat, from the tiny pipistrelle, which measures just 4cm from head to toe, to the greater mouse-eared bat, which was until recently considered extinct in this country. British bats are now protected by law because their numbers have decreased so dramatically over the past decades.

Bats use high frequency calls, beyond the range of human hearing, to build up a picture in sound of their surroundings. This system, called echolocation, enables them to wing their way through the night and hunt down even the tiniest of insects!

We supply a variety of products designed for for detecting, listening to and recording these sounds. More information can be found on our products pages.

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