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Detector Overview

Heterodyne Bat Detectors

These are the most popular form of bat detector, and we offer a range of units, manufactured in Germany by Ciel Electronics to suit all budgets. They have a tuning control knob, which allows you to tune into the frequency of the bat that you want to listen to. They are simple to use, and relatively cheap, and although you can only listen to one frequency at a time, the record of this frequency can assist you in determining the species of bat that you are listening to. Click on the link above to see full details of the products.

Frequency Division Bat Detectors

Frequency division detectors, are great starter units as there is no need to tune the units, and there should therefore be no need to ever miss a bat again. Click on the link above to see full details of our products. The CDB 205 unit from Ciel Electronique offers all the features you should need from an FD detector including built in speaker and LED torch.

Dual Bat Detectors

We offer two dual detector units, both manufactured by Ciel Electronique, including our best selling CDB 301. They combine the functions of both a heterodyne detector and a frequency division detector in one unit, to give the best of both worlds when search and listening to bats. Click on the link above to see full details of the products.

Professional Detectors

The CDP 102 is the first unit in the new Ciel range of devices designed specifically for professionals working in the field of bat monitoring and conservation. It is a stereo heterodyne device with the ability to monitor two separate frequencies simultaneously. Click on the link above to see full details of the product.

Childrens Detector

The BATZ detector is the only unit of its kind in the UK. It is a fully working heterodyne detector with a built in speaker and torch, designed specifically for use by children. The colourful design of the casing appeals to young children and the unit is packaged with a booklet written specifically for kids, helping them to understand more about the world of bats. Click on the link above to see full details of the product.

Click Here to see a comparison between all our Ciel Detectors

Other Products


We stock external speakers, manufactured by Ciel Electronique to allow group listening with their detectors that don't have integrated speakers. Just click on the link to view the products.


We recommend a number of books which are supplied through our partners Just click on the link to view the titles.

Unless otherwise stated, all our products are in stock, and normally shipped within 5 working days. We ship by Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery as standard, and by Royal Mail Special Delivery for our most expensive units, ensuring fast and secure delivery. Postage & packaging is charged on a varying scale based on total order value, up to a maximum of £7.50. We do ship abroad at the same prices.