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Ciel Electronique Bat Detectors
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Dual Bat Detectors

The CDB305 is the the dual-detector for the beginner. In FD mode you can easily check if there are any bats around by observing the whole frequency range from 18 to 120kHz, whilst in HD mode, you can then attempt to identify the species by tuning in the frequency on the printed scale. You can easily switch between both modes, and the internal speaker allows the whole family to enjoy the bat sounds. It also comes packaged with headphones, which can be connected via the 3.5mm jack. Please note that, when listening on the headphones, the internal speaker is automatically shut off. Requires a 9v battery which is not included with the device.

Ciel Dual Bat Detector

CDB 305 - Dual Bat Detector

Price:- £99.99 plus p&p


The CDB301 was the first unit in the CDB series to combine both a heterodyne detector with a frequency division detector. In HD-mode, you can tune to the observed frequency which is shown on a 2x8-digit backlit LCD-display, to identify the bat by both sound and frequency, in FD-mode (including amplitude recovery) you can monitor the whole frequency band at once and can easily check if there are any bats in the vicinity. Additionally there is the option to switch channels to left/right, so i.e. you can observe the full frequency-scale on the left channel in FD-mode while you tune in the frequency on the right channel in HD-mode without switching or having to use more than one detector. It covers the frequency range from 15 kHz to 130 kHz making it more sensitive and versatile than cheaper units. The latest revision of this popular unit now includes an integrated commentary button, enabling you to take notes, which can be output to a recording device. It also now includes a built in speaker for group listening, but can also be used with headphones that are connected via a 3,5 mm jack, and are included with the detector. Requires a 9v battery which is not included with the device.

Advanced Dual Bat Detector

CDB 301 R3 - Advanced Dual Bat Detector

Price:- £199.99 plus p&p


Manufacturers Instructions

Manufacturers Instructions