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Ciel Electronique Bat Detectors
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Professional Bat Detectors

The CDP 102 R3 has been specifically designed for long-term surveys. It features brilliant HD-Sound, external microphones and the stereo/dual option. It has a 2x8 digit LCD display and volume control. With the extended frequency range from 15 to 130 kHz you are able to record all bat sounds in clear audio, via any suitable device (not included). The external microphones are in an aluminium-housing with 8 inch cables allowing them to be placed where they are needed and are not depending on how the detector is installed. The detector can be switched from standard stereo mode for recording of flight direction to dual mode, where left and right channel can be set to different HD-bands. As a result, you are able to observe two different frequencies at the same time. In dual-mode both frequencies will be shown on the display, and for long-term surveys the display can be switched off to conserve battery life. Headphone and line out sockets for connection to recording devices are integrated. The detector has to be supplied by an external 9-12Volt DC source. It can be clipped externally to a standard 9v battery, or the lead can be used to connect to a custom power supply, like for example a 12v lead-gel rechargeable battery.

The package includes: Detector, 2 microphones, Power-cables 2,1mm plug to 9V clip, 2,1mm plug for building own power supply.

Ciel Professional Bat Detector

CDP 102 R3 - Professional Heterodyne Stereo Bat Detector

Price:- £149.99 plus p&p


Manufacturers Instructions

The brand new Stereo Bat Monitor has been designed for bat counts and has just arrived in the UK. With all the functions of the CDB101 stereo heterodyne detector, this detector also includes additional features which makes it easier to gather all relevant data. It has a 24h clock, temperature and humidity sensor. This data is displayed at ten second intervals. The BM1 includes a bat counter allowing you to choose an interval of 2, 4 or 10 minutes, every time you click the red counter button a hit will be saved in the detector memory. You can divide the Frequency range into 3 different ranges (for different species), and every time you hit the button the detector will sort the hit using the set up frequency. At the beginning of the interval, the detector will also save: time, temperature and humidity. Requires a 9v battery which is not included with the device.

BM1 = Stereo Bat Monitor - NEW MODEL

Price:- £169.99 plus p&p


Manufacturers Instructions

Ciel Stereo Bat Monitor